EVANS BLUE may not be a household name, but with their own style of melodic hard rock, the band has quietly sold millions of units between their five albums, all produced by Trevor Kustiak of Sounds+Sights Entertainment.  The 2006 debut album, The Melody And The Energetic Nature of Volume (Hollywood Records) spawned the Top 5 Active Rock hit “Cold (But I’m Still Here),” and even 12 years later, The Melody and the subsequent albums – The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends (2007), evans|blue (2009), Graveyard Of Empires (2012) and Letters From The Dead (2016) – continue to resonate with new fans every day.  Their loyal and passionate fanbase, the E|B Nation, spans the globe.

Over the years, EVANS BLUE's sound has evolved, but the music has stayed true to their signature guitars, which are a combination of Parker Lauzon’s crunchy, rhythmic riffs plus V’s lush, melodic leads and solos, supported by the foundation of Joe Pitter’s solid, driving bass lines.  And singer Dan Chandler’s lyrics have inspired, comforted, challenged, and inspired hundreds of thousands of dedicated listeners, as evidenced by their quarter-of-a-million Facebook fans.  Their songs have generated tens of millions of streams across platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Apple Music and more.

The band is currently on a break from the road to focus on their most cherished “project,” their families, but they are writing for a new album and plan to get back into the studio with producer Kustiak later this year.  The new material promises to deliver more of the intensity, compelling messages and haunting melodies that EVANS BLUE is known for.  If all goes well, the yet-untitled sixth album will be released in early 2019.

Stay tuned, E|B Nation…

Dan Chandler  //  vocals
V  //  lead guitar
Parker Lauzon  //  guitar
Joe Pitter  //  bass

Drums on the new album by Jason Pierce (Our Lady Peace, Paramore)